NesteQ E2CS X-Strike 1000W power supply

NesteQ company has expanded its product range of new power supply
family E2CS X-Strike. Novelty called XS-1000 is a constant power of
1000 watts and has a modular scheme of cable connections, and its
efficiency reaches 92 percent. This allows this power supply accordance
with the certificate 80Plus Gold.


New power supply XS-1000 meets the standards ATX 2.2, EPS 2.91 and BTX
1.0a and is equipped with a diagnostic panel Power Monitoring Panel
with LED indicators, located on the rear face of the device. In
addition, there is a system of EECS (Enhanced Easy Connecting System),
facilitates the cable connections.

PSU XS-1000 has six 12V tires
with amperage of 30 amperes, and cooling is responsible for its 135 mm
fan with ball-bearing suspension Hydraumatic. This PSU XS-1000 will be available from January 2010 .The cost of this product
is 229 euros.


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