True Crime back in 2010

Activision has tried several times to bump Rockstar Games, attempts futile.

The True Crime series took place in a context similar to Grand Theft Auto offering gamers a free freedom of action and movement. A huge gap now separates these two licenses that have indeed much more common. However, Activision has not yet had the opportunity to shine on next-gen consoles.

The third installment of True Crime bear a heavy responsibility and will relocate to Activision in the world of action games. This is obviously the mode of "reboots" a mode that is not immune to True Crime. This new episode will leave effective on new bases and will not hesitate to draw on Asian action films.

It’s at least what is said of the press release says anyway that the title will take place at the heart of the Hong Kong Triad. Our hero, undercover cop, has a duty to put an end to the activities of one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the world, no less.

Release date scheduled for the end of 2010 PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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