Boston Unveils their Latest Generation of Liquid Cooled Servers, Quattro HPC Cluster Nodes & Venom GPU Compute Nodes

Boston IT Solutions (India) Private Limited, now in its 17th year as a distribution partner for silicon valley based Super Micro Computer, Inc., today announces their participation as a Silver sponsor at the HiPC international conference on high performance computing.

Following on from the successful launch of Boston India in September at the Broadcast India show in Mumbai, Boston will be continuing this success by showcasing and demonstrating their latest developments in their range of liquid cooled servers, nVIDIA Tesla based GPU compute nodes and Quattro low power cluster nodes. The event takes place between December 16th -19th at the Le Meridien Hotel Kochi (Cochin), India and Boston can be found exhibiting at stand numbers 8-9.

“As we are all aware energy costs are increasing rapidly globally at a worrying rate; in particular some of the recent changes that are taking place within India in terms of costs and headroom for future expansion have generated even further demand for power optimised server/compute platforms; in particular from within the HPC arena” says Manoj Nayee, Managing director of Boston India and Boston Limited in the United Kingdom.

At HiPC Boston will be demonstrating the significant power savings made available by their latest generation of products and appliances including numerous Boston innovations such as their Quattro cluster nodes, GPU based compute nodes and liquid cooled server platforms. With a full range of solutions based on leading edge hardware from Supermicro Boston platforms assure staggering levels of computational power as well as industry leading performance per watt.

An excellent example of this would be Boston’s range of Quattro cluster nodes which consolidate up to four HPC nodes within a single enclosure that shares a single common power supply across various machines. With full support for the latest Six Core AMD Opteron Istanbul processors as well as Intel’s latest generation of Nehalem based Xeon processors Boston’s Quattro range provides processing density that simply cannot be beaten by traditional CPU based clustered platforms.

Following on from their successful launch at the Supercomputing show in Portland, Oregon, USA; Boston will also be showcasing their liquid cooled server for the first time to the Asian channel. Their innovative solution features patented “modular liquid immersion” technology from Iceotope Ltd, that leverage the thermal superiority of liquids to reduce the operating costs of large-scale computing facilities such as data centre’s.

Each server motherboard is completely immersed in an individually sealed bath of an inert liquid coolant which passively transfers heat away from the sensitive electronics to a tightly integrated heat exchanger formed by the wall of the bath where water is continuously recirculated and cooled. Compared to traditional air cooling systems, the two liquids are thousands of times more effective in capturing and transferring heat, thereby requiring much less energy to run the overall system as the water can be allowed to run warmer whilst still providing adequate cooling.

“We will also be showcasing our latest generation of Venom GPU compute platforms which provide stunning levels of raw computational power by combining the latest in GPU and CPU based technologies. As an example Boston’s Venom T1000 GPU compute node provides over a staggering Two TFLOPs of processing power within a single 1U compute node that provides industry leading performance”.


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