TelStrat Announces shipment of Engage 3.2, the latest version of its industry-leading contact center solution suite.

TelStrat, a global supplier of comprehensive contact center
solutions and business call recording products, today announced
shipment of Engage 3.2, the latest version of its industry-leading
contact center solution suite. Incorporating TelStrat’s previously
announced phonetic-technology-based speech analytics product, Engage
Analyze, this new release also brings new capabilities in other key
areas, including SIP support, on-demand recording, virtual server
support, and a new low-cost option for Avaya VoIP recording.

being implemented at customer sites, Engage Analyze indexes and audio
mines words and phrases buried in calls using a patented Phonetic Audio
Search and Recognition Engine. This phonetic approach to speech
analytics makes the product more than an order of magnitude faster than
competing Large Vocabulary Conversational Speech Recognition (LVCSR)
speech-to-text systems. This makes analyzing 100% of calls a viable
option, instead of having to rely on sampling a small portion of calls
like the competition. Also, unlike those systems, Engage Analyze is not
dependent on finite dictionary and grammar models which require
constant maintenance. This makes it easy to quickly and accurately
search for new competitors, product names, slang and other dynamically
changing terms.

conjunction with the Engage 3.2 introduction, TelStrat is offering
special promotional pricing on Engage Analyze. The special prices apply
to new Engage Record/Engage Analyze bundles purchased together and, for
a limited time, when adding Engage Analyze to existing Engage Record
installations. Full details are available from the company or its
reseller partners.

VoIP phone users got good news in the form of Engage Record’s new
T-SPAN configuration. This configuration doesn’t rely on service
observing or single-step-conference. By effectively eliminating much of
the licensing costs, Engage Record (T-SPAN) provides these users with
full-featured automatic or on-demand call recording and TelStrat’s
exclusive Conversation Save(TM) technology at one of the industry’s
most attractive price points.

3.2 extends convenient, soft key-based, on-demand call recording to
Avaya and Cisco VoIP phones. Ideal for schools, security, sales, and
other quick-reaction environments, this lets call takers instantly
access call recording directly from their phone, without requiring PC
use. This makes it even easier for Avaya and Cisco users to access
Engage Record’s exclusive Conversation Save(TM) capability, which
captures the total call from the beginning when activated at any time
before the call’s end.

a boon to resource-conscious IT departments, Engage 3.2 now supports
virtual server implementations in VM Ware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and
Citrix environments. Virtual server capabilities optimize processing
across server capacity, letting users do much more without adding
hardware and IT infrastructure. This not only reduces capital outlay,
but results in higher availability and performance, easier
administration, greater reliability, and far better energy efficiency.
Coupling virtual server support with Engage Suite’s already low-impact
server requirements makes it one of the greenest contact center
solutions available.

3.2 also rolls in TelStrat’s newly available support for SIP (Session
Initiation Protocol) technology. This capability allows Engage Record
to provide full-featured recording functionality to SIP-based phones on
a wide variety of PBX platforms.

constantly improving and enhancing Engage to answer and anticipate our
customers’ needs," said TelStrat President and CEO Bob Carroll. "These
new features further solidify our market-leading capabilities and add
to the value the Engage Suite brings to every user, whether in a large
telemarketing firm or a small company’s support staff."


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