Consonus Launches new Version of Consonus SAFE Email Archiving Solution

Consonus Technologies today introduced the latest release of Consonus Secure Archiving for the Enterprise (Consonus SAFE), a complete and cost-effective email archiving managed service solution which leverages Symantec Enterprise Vault email and content archiving software in a hosted, managed IT services offering.

Consonus SAFE offers the power of Symantec, the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of a Managed IT Service, and the stability and security of 20 Years of Consonus SAS70 Type II audited Data Center Excellence. As one of the leading Enterprise Vault integrators, Consonus was recognized as Symantec’s Channel Partner of the Year in 2008.

Consonus SAFE is designed to reduce customer’s storage footprint, and has a flexible policy engine for managing compliance and message stores. The latest release of Consonus SAFE features the Discovery Accelerator which facilitates the discovery process and reduces associated cost – ideal for litigation support and dispute resolution in both the enterprise and legal communities. The new Journal Archiving feature of Consonus SAFE works seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange journaling and message archival service to immediately capture all messages passing through the server with no impact or notice to users.

With a Managed IT Services deployment of Enterprise Vault, Consonus SAFE addresses business archiving challenges with minimal up-front capital investment and pay-as-you go options for storage and services. Consonus SAFE offers your business faster data recovery via high-speed provisioning, smaller data stores and elimination of extraneous archiving on individual desktops.

During an initial proof of concept at Consonus client Kapstone Paper and Packaging Company, Consonus SAFE provided an 86 percent file size reduction in just two weeks. Consonus SAFE is now fully deployed at Kapstone, who estimates a 280 percent ROI within three years. Cost savings and investment returns are a result of reclaimed existing storage, the elimination of outsourcing storage, and reduced administrative burden and costs.

Consonus itself uses Consonus SAFE to securely and efficiently storage, manage, and enable the recovery of the company’s more than 140 email accounts for which are saved more than 1 million messages representing over 82 gigabytes of storage.

Consonus SAFE is a turnkey package, featuring subscription licenses, a tiered storage model, compute resources, ’round the clock access for administration, and 24x7x365 Consonus award-winning technical support.

Like all Consonus services, SAFE is securely housed in Consonus’ national data centers which are managed to SAS70 Type II specifications. Consonus SAFE is secure, scalable, and built upon the proven, highly-resilient architectures that Consonus has operated for more than 20 years.


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