Google Fast Flip about to discover more great news sources

Three months ago, Google launched Google Fast Flip, a service that seeks to make reading articles online as fast and simple as flipping through a magazine or newspaper. It’s still early in this experiment, which is why Fast Flip remains in Google Labs. But so far their initial thesis has held up: If you make it easier to read news online, people will read more of it. Users have told them they like being able to browse content so quickly, and Google been pleased with the amount of time they have spent reading articles in Fast Flip.

Google also received good feedback from the three dozen publishers who joined for the launch, as well as a lot of interest from others. Today, they are excited to be adding articles from another two dozen publishers representing more than 50 newspapers, magazines, web outlets, news wires and TV and radio broadcasters. Some of the new sources include Tribune Co. newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, McClatchy Company newspapers such as the Miami Herald and the Kansas City Star, the Huffington Post, Popular Science, Reuters, Public Radio International, POLITICO and U.S. News & World Report. Now you can use Fast Flip to engage with content from even more of your favorite news outlets in an innovative way, and continue to explore topics covered by a diverse group of sources. And, through the mobile version, you can flip through all these new articles on your Android-powered device or iPhone.

While Google encouraged by the positive feedback about Fast Flip, it’s just one of many experiments you’ll see them try in partnership with news publishers. Their goal is to work with the industry to help it continue to innovate and build bigger audiences, better engage those audiences and generate more revenue. Google is looking forward to innovating and iterating with all these new partners in Fast Flip.



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