Microsoft India brings Affordable Online Software Solutions to Tirupur Manufacturers

 (Business Wire India)
— Project Vikas launches online solutions for SMEs in Tirupur, encompassing textile manufacturers and exporters
— TEA and Microsoft India partner with Airtel, Global Outlook and
Wipro, to bring alive affordable and relevant online solutions to SMEs,
— Online Desktop by Airtel – giving users the freedom of accessing and
sharing data anywhere, anytime through a pay as you go model
— Hosted Email by Global Outlook – providing enterprise class
e-mail/collaboration solutions along with enterprise class security to
customers with any pre-requisites of technical expertise
— Unified Communications by Wipro – allowing cost-effective
communication with greater flexibility in a single interface across
multiple locations
— Extending above solutions to SMEs in Tirupur through G-Tech Info Solutions (Intl.) Pvt. Ltd.

Under the aegis of Project Vikas, the Tirupur Exporters’ Association
(TEA) through its Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), G-Tech Info Solutoins
(Intl.) Pvt. Limited (GTISPL) and Microsoft India today launched online
solutions for the textile manufacturing SMEs in Tirupur. The solutions
include an Online Desktop by Airtel, Hosted Email by Global Outlook and
Unified Communications by WIPRO: these comprehensive and affordable
enterprise solutions aim at enhancing the productivity and efficiency
of the cluster. The availability of the online solutions also means
that the manufacturers now have the option of selecting the relevant
hosted solution/s and take advantage of the ‘pay as you go’ model,
rather than installing an on-premise solution.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. A. Shaktivel, President, Tirupur
Exporters’ Association, said, “Over the last 19 years, TEA has been
working closely with the government, industry and solution partners to
help the textile exporters and manufacturers in Tirupur grow their
businesses through technology adoption. We are proud of our partnership
with Microsoft India through Project Vikas which has been instrumental
in the cluster’s development through ICT inclusion. Further, the
introduction of these new hosted online solutions will accelerate the
IT adoption for the textile manufacturers in Tirupur and give them the
advantage of deploying the right solutions to enhance their business
productivity at affordable pricing through a ‘pay as you go’ model.”

Recognizing the huge potential of the SMEs and their set of challenges
for IT adoption, Microsoft India launched Project Vikas in partnership
with the National Manufacturing Competitive Council (NMCC) in the year
2007. Under Project Vikas, Microsoft brings a plethora of relevant and
affordable IT solutions in order to create a sustainable mechanism for
IT adoption for SMEs. Further, Project Vikas focuses on making the IT
adoption flexible by introducing hosted and online solutions that do
not require any specific IT infrastructure and give an affordable
option to SMEs via the pay-as-you go model. In order to Realizing the
potential of the textile cluster in Tirupur, Microsoft collaborated
with TEA to introduce Project Vikas in the cluster in 2008 which aimed
at driving IT adoption for the SMEs in the cluster by facilitating them
with affordable IT solutions.

Congratulating the team on the launch, Mr. Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman,
Microsoft India, said “There is no denying that the Indian SME sector
has the potential for immense growth – but the challenges faced by it
are equally a fact of life today. At Microsoft India, we believe that
relevant technology, at an affordable price, can go a long way in
alleviating the threat these challenges pose. We are glad to partner
with the leaders in the IT industry to bring these relevant and
cost-effective online solutions which would go a long way in helping
the manufacturers of Tirupur implement IT, and compete with the rest of
the world.”

The textile manufacturers of Tirupur can choose from the following
online solutions unveiled by Airtel, Wipro and Global Outlook:

— The Online desktop by Airtel – Nivio will offer the flexibility of
accessing and sharing data from anywhere, anytime – along with secure
and latest software to its users. This is available to them on ‘pay as
you go’ basis. A 10 GB space will be provided online to users to store
documents, photos, music and presentations. This solution also allows
users to obtain managed PC environment, portable desktop, virtually
unlimited storage and on-demand desktop applications.

— The Hosted e-mail by Global Outlook offers users enterprise class
e-mail/collaboration solutions along with enterprise class security;
without any pre-requisites of technical expertise of the customer. This
will provide a centralized control for managing corporate-wide email
threats, protection and security along with filtering the content and
attachments from virus and spam at a zero up-front investment for
customers. Further, the users will be able to enjoy uninterrupted
service experience with a dedicated Exchange Services and 24x7x365
customer support.

— The Unified Communications by Wipro will help streamlining
communications with easy flexibility in a single interface and by
enabling easy connectivity with others in different locations for
customers. The solution will also provide software-powered voice
capabilities, enterprise-class instant messaging and multi-party audio
and video conferencing.

Today, the SME sector serves as one of the largest employing sectors of
the economy and also one of the key drivers of economic growth. In
India, there are more than 8 million SMEs, and the sector has 40% share
in industrial output, producing over 8,000 value-added products,
contributing nearly 35% in direct export and 45% in the overall exports
from our country. In Tirupur alone, there are about 5000 SMEs
contributing towards the growth of the textile industry.


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