With AOL’s split,Winamp’s future looks bleak

AOL split itself into four this week, and one of the casualties is the team that provided its musical credibility.After hemorrhaging employees for months, only three Nullsoft employees are left after the shake-up.The team, which AOL acquired in 1999 for $100m – two years after the then 18-year old Justin Frankel – first released his Winamp MP3 player for Windows.

Writing on his homepage, departing developer Steve Gedikian concluded, “At this point, I feel like I no longer have the power to make any positive impact on Winamp.” He speculates that with only a skeleton staff, further development of Winamp is unlikely. The team rescued a buggy version 3.0 with version 5.0 recently, adding the ability to play Windows media files, burn discs, and organizer your porn collection: so there’s really no excuse for Windows users to persist with the bundled Media Player.

News source: TheRegister


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