New Image Converter Plus 8 with Email and FTP

Graphics specialist fCoder Group, Inc. releases Image Converter Plus
version 8.0 for German-speaking users with a new powerful graphics
engine and a built-in email and ftp client.

The company´s aim for this new version was to improve the functionality
of the application once again. Thus, support for multi-core processors
was further optimized and a significant performance improvement
especially for batch processing was created. Better performance with
this version can also be experienced when converting on 64-bit systems.
ImageConverter Plus can convert any number of image files automatically
in batch mode or manually with 2 clicks based on different settings.
Values like size, graphic format and resolution as well as rotation and
cropping can be manipulated and brightness, gamma, color profile and
other precise adjustments can be made.

"With this new software version we have managed to increase performance
by 15%, which is especially noticeable with huge numbers of
conversions," summarizes CEO Laisan Shafikova.

Built-in email client

For each converted file the location for storing the target file
anywhere can be either preset or manually selected. Additionally
converted images can be sent directly from this new version via email.
Your own email account data has to be entered just once.

Upload graphic formats of your choice with 2 clicks via FTP :

Alternatively the new version uploads converted images directly to the
internet or another storage location using the build-in FTP client. In
this way routine repetitive conversion and upload tasks can be defined
once and can be performed in the future with only two clicks, for
example. From the professional business user or photo enthusiast to the
teenager, who wants to make his pictures accessible to friends on
facebook, everyone can convert one file or multiple files in a very
specific manner with a large collection of settings and upload them to
the platform of their choice with just two clicks.

Processing huge files of various sizes and over 800 graphic formats :

Image Converter Plus processes 200 common graphic formats and more than
800 format dialects. The new version includes additional formats. Among
others, RAW-formats are supported, for example, that are being used by
the new Canon and Nikon cameras. ImageConverter Plus works with files
of unlimited size.
Images that are more complex and have a color depth of up to 16 bit per
channel can be analyzed more precisely and converted. The same applies
to HDRI formats which are being supported now as well.

Graphic profiles, space travel and medical technologies :

ImageConverter Plus can be used for private as well as business
applications. Graphic design engineers, publicity or marketing agencies
and photo laboratories can benefit as well as research groups – in
short professionals who work with digital photos or other digital
images. With the opportunity of converting even huge files now, the
possible applications are expanding further. In this way businesses and
government agencies that are, for example, involved with space travel
and create extremely large satellite pictures can benefit from this
simple conversion process. The same is true for physicians, clinics and
medical facilities. Complex files with CT and MRT images can be
exchanged more easily using conversion and can therefore improve
communications between fellow physicians and clinics.


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