Zyrion Announced Business Service Management & Network Monitoring

Zyrion Inc., a leading provider of Business Service Management (BSM) and network monitoring solutions, today announced the availability of the Datacenter Edition of its flagship Traverse network management platform.

Traverse Datacenter enables monitoring a complex mix of business services, IT infrastructure and applications based on next-generation technologies, such as Virtualization, Cloud Computing and Grid Architectures. Traverse Datacenter also now monitors a variety of power and environmental equipment and infrastructure, such as, HVAC, UPS and Generators. The new monitoring capabilities expand on Traverse’s proven support for vendor and custom applications, servers, network devices and storage. Traverse Datacenter overcomes the limitations of traditional IT monitoring systems that focus on measuring just the technical metrics and trends of individual IT components. Traverse Datacenter’s integrated network monitoring and BSM capabilities allows datacenter operations teams to rapidly identify the affected business processes or services when problems occur in the complex, inter-related, distributed and virtual IT infrastructure

Breakthrough technology in Traverse Datacenter also enables unmatched horizontal scaling. An existing deployment of Traverse has 20 independent data gathering elements monitoring over 500,000 metrics every 5 minutes. Traverse Datacenter is based on a ‘hot failover’ architecture to ensure continuous availability of multiple NOC views and application functionality. Traverse Datacenter has also proven itself to be capable of monitoring a large amount of infrastructure across multiple physical locations. Traverse is currently being used by a large multinational company with 12 datacenters in 5 countries, and in 3 different languages. The installation has over 200 active users of the product.

"Flexibility and scalability are critical for managing data centers across increasingly distributed infrastructures," said Dennis Drogseth of Enterprise Management Associates, a leading industry analyst firm covering IT management technologies. "Zyrion Traverse has a unique distributed database and reporting architecture that makes it especially suitable for distributed enterprise datacenters. Traverse is also a well established solution suite with a broad range of monitoring and analytic capabilities across infrastructure, software and application components — augmented by an open API for monitoring custom applications and unique infrastructure requirements."

“We are continuing to expand the capabilities of Traverse to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Vikas Aggarwal, founder and chief executive officer of Zyrion Inc. “Organizations can use Traverse Datacenter for mission critical monitoring, but at a total cost of ownership that is less than half of the big iron alternatives. Our customers have to make no compromises given that Traverse is a high quality, super reliable, massively scalable and feature-rich solution.”


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