Opera 7.50 Preview 4

Ladies and gentlemen, you’re witnessing history. With this release, Opera Software marks the first time in its history that updates for all desktop platforms based on the same code have been released simultaneously.

Due to the experimental nature of this release, upgrading a previous Opera installation is not recommended. If you’d like to test your mail from 7.23 in this release, delete the OperaMail folder, then copy your entire Mail folder from 7.23 to your 7.50 Preview 4 installation.

Major Changes:

* Continued User Interface Experimentation*
In efforts to improve the user interface, there have been a couple more changes in this preview. The Personal bar has been reenabled by default, the Start panel has been replaced by a Search panel, and maximized panels and manage dialogs have been dropped in favor of manage pages/windows. There’s also a new “New page” button on the Page bar that makes it easy to open a new page.

*Improved Opera Mail Resource Usage *
Opera Mail (the mail client formerly known as M2) has received lots of attention this time around. It should use less memory, require less time to start-up, and clean-up after itself better.

* Optimized Performance *
In the on-going effort to be “The Fastest Browser on Earth,” this release should start-up and exit faster. Doing routine user interface actions like toggling and resizing panels should also be faster.

A detailed list of changes is available at http://snapshot.opera.com/windows/w750p4.html#detail.

News source: Opera Forums

Download: Click to download Opera 7.5 Preview4 (3.6 MB)


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