Tata Teleservices appoints Nokia Siemens Networks for future-proof mobile backhaul network in India

Tata Teleservices Limited,
the leading dual-technology telecom service operator with pan-India
presence, has appointed Nokia Siemens Networks to implement part of its
next phase transmission network. With this, Tata Teleservices is
gearing up for the upcoming growth in data traffic and enhancing IP
capabilities of its existing mobile backhaul network.

subscribers increasingly demanding a new range of advanced services, we
were looking for a partner that could further strengthen the existing
transport network to support both voice and data in an efficient
manner,” said A G Rao, president and chief technology officer, Tata
Teleservices Limited. “Nokia Siemens Networks’ future-proof hybrid
connectivity will enhance our existing transport network, providing the
flexibility and scalability we need to manage the accelerated growth in
mobile broadband.”

Under the contract, Nokia Siemens Networks will supply its
market-leading FlexiHybrid microwave radio to efficiently support both
legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) and newer IP traffic on a
single platform. The contract also includes the FlexiMetro radio for
high capacity and improved bandwidth efficiency, as well as
FlexiHopper, a cost-optimized, low-capacity microwave radio for
connecting base stations. These three mobile backhaul platforms provide
fast wireless connections from base stations to the core of the Tata
Teleservices network.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ will also deploy its NetAct Operations
Support Systems platform for the efficient monitoring, management and
optimization of the network to ensure high-quality end-user services as
well as its NetViewer suite for managing the microwave radio networks.
The full turnkey solution includes an array of services such as project
management, network planning, installation and commissioning. Nokia
Siemens Networks will continue to operate Tata Teleservices’ network
under an existing Managed Services contract.

“As the Indian mobile communication sector continues its relentless
expansion and operators invest in new infrastructure, it is imperative
to keep costs in check,” said Urs Pennanen, head of the Indian region
at Nokia Siemens Networks. “Our IP transformation know-how will allow
Tata Teleservices to not only implement new capabilities in its
network, but launch services with a shorter time-to-market and an
overall reduced cost of ownership.”


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