Enermax new PSU series PRO87+ & MODU87+

ENERMAX is stepping up to the need
of energy and money-saving products with these two desktop PSU series
with models in 500, 600, 700 and 800W. PRO87+ is the native cable
series, while MODU87+ is modular. Both will complement ENERMAX’ running
80+, 82+ & 85+ PSU series and incorporate the latest technologies
with a major breakthrough:

DHT, Dynamic Hybrid Transformer Topology

To improving the efficiency all manufacturers concentrated on the DC stage, up to now. But the
technology used in the DC stage (during and after conversion of AC to
DC) has come to the maximum and achieving 87+ efficiency is the very
limit of this approach. To achieving 87+ or even higher efficiency with
good performance needs additional innovations on the AC stage. ENERMAX has invented three innovations bundled into the new DHT-topology
the inventions center around the adoption of dynamic frequencies,
voltages and conversion instead of traditional static ones. These
dynamic optimization designs not only push the efficiency up to
shocking 92%, but also improve stability and performance to new heights
without sacrificing any safety or regulations. Moreover, the
incorporation of a 13.9cm Twister bearing fan with the patented
SpeedGuard fan control bring PRO87+ and MODU87+ to unprecedented
silence @ 50oC.
More details on the technology will be made available during the coming days and weeks.
PRO87+ & MODU87+ will be
available from the end of December 2009 / beginning of January 2010
onwards (depending on markets and shipping time)


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