ASUS EeeBot robot based on Android

Company ASUSTek Computer plans to launch a robot named EeeBot, which is
supposed to be used in education. Robot-teacher will use the operating
system Android, the project is implemented jointly with the Taiwan
government. As explained on the website of the government, the robot
EeeBot able to interact with children, performing some functions of the
teacher. It is easy to understand from the title that will join a series
of products Eee which already includes Eee PC, Eee Box and Eee Keyboard

 ASUSTek company will develop both software and hardware for EeeBot. In
this case, one of the important objectives of the project will provide
affordable robot. It is expected that the development will take about
two years. And in fact to start mass production, placing on the market
and ensure wide dissemination of the robot-teachers can take up to four


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