OCZ’s “Tis the Season for SSD” Holiday Giveaway!

OCZ wants everyone to experience the benefits of SSD this season,
which is why OCZ giving away an Agility 60GB SSD just in time for the
holidays! If you haven’t made the switch already, enter to win and get
a chance to experience the exceptional performance and speeds that just
blow traditional HDDs away! As a desktop boot drive or primary laptop
or netbook storage, our 60GB Agility drives are the way to go.

Entering is easy! Simply post your comment on OCZ Facebook
Fan Page (or "friend" OCZ to become a fan), and leave your opinion
about what is your favorite OCZ product and why. Contest is open to OCZ
"fans" worldwide, so join today for a chance to score one of these
highly sought-after drives.

Post now or sign up to OCZ Facebook Fan Page
to participate in OCZ SSD Holiday Giveaway. OCZ’ll choose randomly from
the enteries submitted until Wednesday December 23.



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