GROUND EFFECT 1.1– Faster, smoother and now with Stereo 3D!

Having received a very warm reception from gamers&reviewers and
been deemed“Hot” as well as“New and Noteworthy” by Apple since its
release on November 5, Ground Effect has now been updated.

  • Anaglyph stereo 3D option
  • Driver/1st person camera view
  • Free-play practice levels
  • Control sensitivity adjustment
  • Re-designed user interface
  • Faster running speed
  • Smoother animation – up to 60 FPS on iPhone 3GS
  • Easier access to user’s iPod

If you have one of the many 3D DVD or Blu-ray movies released this
year, why not try using the 3D glasses with Ground Effect to get a
face-full of the new, enhanced action?

Even without the silly glasses, you can continue to enjoy this
unique racer with even smoother frame rates. Fans will also appreciate
the new camera and control options which offer a whole new perspective
and feel to gameplay. Just want to chill out or check out the levels
before you race? Users now also have the opportunity to explore the
beautifully rendered, free-roaming landscapes on all 14 levels without
having to unlock them first.

“We were lucky enough to get a lot of feedback which I’ve taken
onboard in order to make improvements to this title. The stereo 3D was
a purely self-indulgent addition. I’ve been a huge fan since even
before I added it to Bullfrog’s Magic Carpet all those years ago and
I’ve always wanted to see it used in a game on a more powerful machine.
Who would have believed that machine could fit in your pocket only a
decade or so later? I hope people enjoy it as an option as much as I
enjoyed working on it. There are more updates planned for the near

A new stereo 3D video, which can be also seen at Ground Effect in Stereo 3D Gameplay Video

Download Ground Effect 1.1 now!


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