Combat Arms Europe Marks One Million Registered Users

NEXON Europe, a world leader in free-to-play multiplayer online
games, announced today that their first person shooter Combat Arms,
surpassed one million registered users in less than one year of service
since its official launch in January 2009. By hitting this milestone,
Combat Arms has proved its popularity as a formidable online FPS
accommodating both the core FPS fans and casual gamers.

“Hitting the 1 million user mark within the first year of service is
a remarkable achievement for a free-to-play online FPS title,
especially in today’s saturated European market” said Sung Jin Kim,
Director of European Business at Nexon Europe.“Most importantly, we’ve
seen a very steady growth in registrations during the path of Combat
Arms service which reveals its good potential and consistent appeal to
the European gamers.”

The success of Combat Arms in Europe echoes the global success the game has achieved with over 4 million players worldwide.

But what makes this game so special to European users in particular?

The heavy updates have created a huge stream of fresh content to the
gamers very regularly, giving them new maps, modes, and weapons which
as a result has solidified its rich multiplayer gaming experience
without harming it’s free-to-play nature. The abundantly available game
content has no‘pay-to-play-only’ locked-up maps or premium modes which
enable everyone to join the thrilling battlefields. A free-to-play game
title providing updates at this level is rarely seen in the
marketplace, even for subscription based games.

Adding up more to the already ample amount of game content, Combat
Arms is bringing a new player-versus-zombie variant to its highly
acclaimed Fireteam mode ,‘Fireteam: Cabin Fever’, where players take
refuge in an old abandoned building whilst being chased by zombies
after escaping the underground research centre with a virus sample.
Creating a new challenge for the game, players must survive ten,
fifteen or twenty rounds against the zombies depending on difficulty
level while zombies become more outrageous after players survive each

The update will take place on December 23rd that will also bring
holiday gears and gift sets for sale and many special events to Combat
Arms to celebrate the milestone and the following holiday season.

To find out more about Combat Arms or to become a soldier visit


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