Google has plans for netbook

It was already reported that
there are rumors that Google will come with a private telephone. If we
are to believe the messages, there are even plans for a netbook with own OS
that will run on Chrome.

According Techcrunch Google currently carries interviews with at least one hardware
manufacturer about making the netbook.
From confidential information, the first Google end netbooks to appear
in 2010. Google itself is remarkable that the sale of its products will
lead, obviously through the digital highway.

We already know that their netbooks running Chrome OS release a number
of large companies like Acer, ASUSTeK Computer,
Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo and Toshiba. But this time we are talking about
the netbook under its own brand Google. After the release of many smart
phones based on its Android operating system, Google has decided to
present the model under its brand name Nexus One. Obviously, a
similar plan it intends to implement in the segment of netbooks.


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