Ontop Launches Ultra-Fast TurboJet Technology USB Flash Drive Collection

Ontop Technology Ltd today announced its new ultra-fast Ontop TurboJet
technology, which boosts the performance of the company’s wide range of
attractive and stylish Ontop USB flash drives by up to three times.

Supporting read and write speeds that can exceed 22MB/s and 18MB/s
respectively, Ontop TurboJet enables file transfer three times faster
than standard USB flash drives on the market – providing the most
convenient solution for moving huge volumes of digital content,
including HD video files, high-resolution photographs, music, and
presentations, simply and quickly.

Peak read speeds of over 22MB/s deliver a high quality, stutter-free
viewing experience of high-definition video files or images played
directly from the USB Flash drive, while write speeds of over 18MB/s
mean much faster transfer of large photos, videos, presentations, and
other data from a PC hard drive – minimizing those awkward moments
keeping your boss, client or friend waiting while you transfer that
vital file from your system to your drive.

Ontop USB Flash drives featuring TurboJet technology are available in a
wide variety of classic and fashionable styles, and support capacities
of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. They also come with warranty options of 2-5


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