Express Technologies Announces Expantion of Logistics Data Center

Express Technologies has announced a major expansion to its LoadTech Logistics Data Center. Originally opened in January 2007, the data center provides
high-availability and high-capacity logistics platforms for the
LoadTech transportation software. The center offers true cloud
computing and logistics-software-as-a-service.

The expansion more than doubles the center’s capacity. The new
state-of-the-art technology ensures that the company will remain a
leader in enterprise solutions to logistics service providers.

The facility boasts a sophisticated R&D lab, 24×7 manned security,
multi-redundancy in telecomm and power, plus guaranteed uptime. It is
ISO and SAS70 compliant. The expansion also accommodates Express
Technologies’ growing staff. As an added benefit, the LoadTech data
center offers significant advantages for companies seeking to fulfill
sustainability and green initiatives.

“This is an investment in our clients and in the future,” noted Brandon
Barnhart, Director of Transportation Solutions. “The expansion means
that our software and upgrades provide even more value to our clients.
We have been ahead of the trends in Logistics IT toward managed
services, SAAS, and outsourcing. The data center has been our
springboard for further growth.”

Paul Maloney, President and CEO adds, “The acceptance of our LoadTech
software and data center services in the marketplace has validated our
approach. This expansion further lowers the cost-of-entry for
prospective clients and lowers cost-of-upgrade/expansion for existing
users. Our investment places enterprise-class software and
infrastructure within reach of all transportation firms, eliminating
cap-ex issues and delivering cash flow and tax advantages. It benefits
both new customers as well as veteran customers who want to improve
their systems. This makes an already valuable solution more attractive
to our logistics target market.”

The expansion continues the firm’s initiative to offer the
transportation industry a variety of system deployment and acquisition
options. “Logistics service providers and their IT departments have
myriad options with LoadTech: Traditional licensing, transactional
monthly fees, leasing, renting, and SAAS. Moreover, the market gains
options to deploy LoadTech on their own servers, at a third-party
co-location center, or in the LoadTech data center,” Mr. Maloney
continues. “It allows our prospective clients to mix-and-match both
software acquisition terms and deployment configurations. Existing
users can choose to upgrade their capabilities by migrating their
existing system to the LoadTech Data Center. This multitude of options
meets both IT strategies and corporate budgets without cutting corners.”

"The trend in logistics toward cloud computing, global reach,
consolidation, and data center operations has been well noted by the
transportation trade press and analysts," explained Mr. Barnhart. "The
expansion allows our customers to expand capacity and capability while
at the same time reducing costs, which is significant in this freight

The new facility is located in Pittsburgh, PA. Because the firm has a
worldwide clientele, the data center is accessible around the globe


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