Clueless for the iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store

Put Your Makeover and Matchmaker Skills to the Test – Match Friends Up With Jaw-Dropping Fashions and Hot New Crushes

Have a talent for outfitting the fashion-challenged, rescuing the latte-starved and making Romeo and Juliet inspired love connections? Then Clueless from Paramount Digital Entertainment on the iPhone and iPod touch is for you. Now available for purchase at the App store, Clueless is like, THE ultimate high school challenge where players must tap into their inner social goddess to make their friends runway fantasies and cute boy dreams come true. Avoid making friends cry“as if!” by matching them up with all the items they crave to land a ride to the next level.

In the Clueless iPhone game, inspired by Paramount Pictures’ film“Clueless,” players step into the fashion-forward shoes of Cher Horowitz, everyone’s favorite BFF, self-proclaimed matchmaker and grade-A fashionista. Players will race to maintain their social status by helping over a hundred friends find happiness with romance, fashion and all the must-have items that make a girl’s life complete.

When players see a student or friend in need, they must match them up with the object of their desire, whether it be a latte, an oh-so-cute fuzzy pen, or a new love interest, before time runs out. As an added challenge, players must rescue the“ensembly challenged” by following Cher’s fashion suggestions from over a hundred different male and female outfit combinations and recreate them in time. As more and more friends begin to fill the screen, Cher must become the ultimate multitasker and help everyone out or risk losing her coveted BFF label.

Will you make the grade as Beverly Hills High’s favorite BFF, or are you totally clueless? Clueless for the iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the App Store or purchase for the limited time launch price of $0.99.


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