Borderlands: Two million games sold

The title of Gearbox Software has just passed the milestone of two million copies sold.

This performance should give wings to those responsible for the firm who have already planned to operate sustainably license. It was during a meeting that these financial figures were disclosed, the figures will reassure Gearbox Software. The studio finally has his destiny in his hands, he who once sailed license.

2K Games has the rights to the license Borderlands and has clearly use long term, probably to the marrow. The financial manager of the firm took the opportunity to make the accounts and noted that 2010 will welcome some thirty-three games 2K Games, three fewer games than last year.

This decline is put on the back of the Series Major League Baseball who will not see his contract renewed for simple financial reasons. Obtaining licenses is an expensive and risky approach, an approach that 2K Games has given up in a flash of lucidity.




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