Alganon Trial Server System Live Now

Quest Online is proud to announce the launch of
the new Alganon Trial Server System. The Trial Server System will allow
anyone who may be interested in Alganon the chance to "try before you

The trial server system will allow any MyAlganon
user the chance to get into Alganon and experience exploring a vast new
world, questing, crafting the Studies system and more.

Alganon Trial Server System is also a great way for current subscribers
to invite their friends, family, guildmates and more to experience
Alganon. Current subscribers have access to the trial servers to make
characters and help guide their friends as they start their journey in

Trial Server Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of activities can I do on the trial server?
Players can explore, quest, level, and craft. They can also use the studies system, the auction house and more.

How long does my trial last?
individual trial characters more than 30 days old will periodically be
deleted. All MyAlganon accounts will retain access to the trial
servers, only the individual characters will be deleted.

Are there restrictions on what level I can reach?
There are no restrictions on the level a player can reach on the trial server.

What restrictions are placed on crafting and Studies?
Players on a trial server may level any trade skill to a maximum of 199 and may study up to rank 3 of any study.

What restrictions are in place for chat, grouping, etc?
There are specific restrictions put in place on the trial server to
limit abuse, harassment, gold spam, and other activities that lessen
the player experience. Chat, trade, group invites and more are limited
to mutual friends (both players must have the other on their friends


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