WinRAR 3.91 Final Version is now available

New packing and unpacking functions for 7-Zip and tar.bz2 archives, as well as several bugs fixed

win.rar GmbH and RARLAB present for download the latest update of the compression and archive-management program: WinRAR 3.91.

This version can unpack 7-Zip archives, which have been created with the LZMA2 algorithm. Similarly the unpacking of 7-ZIP archives with encrypted file names from the context menu of the Windows Explorer has been optimized. The latest WinRAR also displays CRC32 of files inside usual .gz (not .tar.gz) archives. Previous versions left this field blank for GZIP files.

Completely new is the possibility to open tar.bz2 archives, which comprise of several smaller bz2 streams merged together. Previous WinRAR versions unpack only the first nested bz2 stream in such composite archives.

A complete list of fixed bugs could be found here:

"By providing regular updates, we are taking care of achieving the aspired by us high compatibility, up-to-datedness and stability of our software. With the latest version we have fixed several bugs and have fulfilled some of our customers’ wishes," says Öncül Kaya, Managing Director of win.rar GmbH.

WinRAR is well known for high compression rates, stability and all the advantages it offers associated with the RAR-format; these are: solid archiving, split archives, recovery records, self-extracting archives, archive conversion function and many security options. At the same time, the software runs smoothly and uses little disk space. In addition to the RAR-format, WinRAR also supports many other archiving formats, giving the user the utmost flexibility to work with archives and data compression.

Prices and Availability

To upgrade to Version 3.91 registered users need to simply download and install the latest version of WinRAR. No complicated removing of the previous version is necessary.

The trial version can be downloaded at The demo version runs for 40 days without any nag screens. On expiration of the 40 days, users will be prompted to purchase a license. WinRAR pricelist is available at

WinRAR is available in more than 40 difference languages and runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/2003/XP/Vista/2008/Windows 7. The command line version of RAR is available for Linux, DOS, OS/2, FreeBSD and MAC OS X.

Download WinRAR 3.91 Final Version


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