AABSyS the Leading GIS Mapping Company undertakes Utility Mapping Projects

AABSyS the Leading GIS Mapping Company undertakes Utility Mapping Projects

AABSYS, one of eastern India’s leading GIS companies is undertaking utility mapping projects for utility service providers, power and energy distribution companies and municipalities for urban development. With sophisticated methods of high resolution satellite imagery and advanced data capturing methodologies, AABSyS makes use of multiple GIS platforms to provide accurate underground utility mapping and real-time data.

It accesses existing hard copies of the maps available from the concerned government authorities such as Revenue departments, Survey Departments, Water Resources department, Electricity regulatory authorities, telecom distributors, etc. It also procures satellite images by virtue of high-end remote sensing techniques that have a distinct advantage in terms of availability of various resolutions of satellite imagery. The next step is ‘data capturing’, which involves digitization and preparation of the base map from the existing hard copies through process of scanning, geo-referencing, digitization, mosacing to a seamless map. This is followed by ‘ground survey’, done with the help of advanced instruments such as DGPS (Digital Global Positioning Systems), and ETS (Electronic Total Station).

Ground survey is a primary stage of the GIS Mapping sector where the AABSyS survey team captures detailed data through measurements of the assets and questionnaires. The spatial data (or the digitized maps) are taken into the target GIS System, and a non-spatial database is created and linked. The target GIS System now acquires the ability to store, edit, add, produce reports and analyze the spatial and non-spatial data.

AABSyS specializes in high end solutions development in the field of utility mapping for Govt. Departments, utility companies, telecom companies, environmentalists, geologists, research organizations, etc. It uses multiple GIS platforms including AutoCAD, Microstation and other high-end GIS softwares that are complimented by highly qualified and experienced work force. The leading GIS company supplements underground utility mapping with different services that include full system digitization, data capturing, system modeling, network adjustment, land base creation, revisions, work order updates, circuit map creation, raster to vector map conversion.

AABSyS, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, apart from being a leading CAD and GIS mapping service provider, offers its expertise in IT services, which includes development of custom web-application development, web design services and data management services.


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