Foremay EC188 D-series solid state drive that boosts read/write speed upto 2 TB

The EC188(TM) D-series PCIe card solid state drive is now in volume shipping, which has a standard x8 PCI Express SSD interface that boosts read/write speed up to 1,300/1,100 MB/s with a massive capacity of up to 2 TB

Foremay, Inc., a leader of technology innovation in flash hard drives
and one of the world’s Top 10 SSD OEMs, today announced volume shipping
for the EC188 D-series solid state drive which has a standard second
generation high speed x8 PCIe host interface. The EC188 D-series solid
state disk is designed for desktops, workstations and servers with x8
and x16 PCIe slots, with gigabyte speeds up to 1.3 GB/s for reading and
1.1 GB/s for writing, which is one of the world’s Fastest SSDs. The
jumbo capacity of the EC188 D-series PCI Express card SSD is up to 2
TB. It helps solve the storage bottleneck problem in dense I/O, heavy
traffic load and high speed computing applications such as full HD
video and HDTV recording /editing / transmitting, as well as in high
end gaming machines, enterprise servers / workstations, and EAD / IC
Design simulations and verifications.

"Our EC188 D-series PCIe SSD products have been proven with customer
satisfaction during the pilot run period," said Jason Hoover, Foremay’s
vice president of marketing. "In order to meet our customers’ needs for
volume shipping, Foremay has made great efforts to move up the mass
production schedule so that our customers can now enjoy the great
performance of our EC188 D-series PCIe SSD card."

The EC188 D-series PCIe card solid state hard drive supports various
operating systems including Window 7 /Vista/XP/2000/Server, Mac OS X
10.4/5/6, Solaris, Linux, UNIX and more. Other features available with
the EC188 D-series PCIe SSD include power outage protection, dual PCIe
configuration through a built-in PCIe RAID controller, and active
garbage collection.

EC188 D-series PCIe SSD Availability

The EC188 D-series PCIe card solid state drives are now shipping in volume production.


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