Ritech Launches Signature Lite – A New Fingerprint Encrypted USB

IT administrators and computer users have a propensity to be apathetic on the rampant theft of information and identities sequentially for companies to start adopting strong cultures of cyber security against 2 general forms of unauthorized access by intruders.

1. Unauthorized Entry

One form will be unauthorized entry is by external parties of the organization who penetrate the companies IT infrastructure in search of critical customer information or other sensitive company information (trade secrets etc.) and such losses can impact the livelihood of companies.

2. Departure of Organization’s Internal staff

Another form will be the risk of theft or loss of company information by internal company personnel. For example, if an employee wants to use an USB storage device for data exchange or transportation, administrator should make available a safe and secure USB device with strong authentication and encryption feature at the same time still maintaining its portability. Because, it is an issue when administrators face a situation of unauthorized access but never really gave a thought or are not aware about data leakage or attacks on data transportation devices.

Very little attention was paid on end-point security and many companies have started to implement stringent measures such as work information only being allowed out in an encrypted form to the company’s laptops and desktops.

Many Corporate, Governments and SME companies as such have started to outsource or turn to IT security companies to monitor access controls and security controls from point to point.

Because of these measures and cultures adopted by corporate, Govt. and SMEs against these 2 general forms of unauthorized access, this would be expected to ultimately drive up demand for biometric storage products and the industry.

In short, to ensure data security in today’s dynamic environment overall perimeter security must be controlled and managed in a consistent manner across at all mobile platforms, across all users, and across all locations.

Signature Lite key features:
1) Dual Fingerprint Authentication
2) Hardware Crypto-Engine AES-128bit
3) Embedded Read/Write Protection (optional)
4) Additional Security Software – Drivelock and RiTech Logon Key

Dual fingerprint authentication function is so unique that it increases the difficulty for hackers and prevents access from the outside into the secured non-volatile internal memory storage. It also steps up security a notch as a second fingerprint is required to be verified.

The crypto engine encrypts and decrypts data on the fly during data transfer between computer and Signature Lite. It is transparent to users. With this, it creates a much secure way to protect confidential information and allows portable USB storage device to be used as a convenient way to safely carry client information from one end to the other end.

Additional key features:

1) No Backdoor
No administrator PIN or password is allowed to reset or bypass the fingerprint verification or use to maliciously gain entry to data. No hardware reset function by tampering is allowed to gain entry to data. Even manufacturer do not have the hardware or software tools to bypass the fingerprint verification to gain access to data.

2) Zero Footprints
No assistance from any software or driver is needed. No traces of any background program left in the computer memory as no computer memory is used to run the device. Unlike pop-up applications or auto run programs which could leave LOG files or data files which could be clues for hackers to perform successful breach of entry.

3) Entry Guard
Device is limited to three authentication attempts. Device will stop functioning if false fingerprint detected.

4) Truly Driverless
No software or application or pre-installer required to be used to recognize the device. All processes are achieved on Hardware.

5) Cross Platform Compatibility
No driver assistance to support platforms, i.e. auto-detect on Windows/Mac OS/Linux that supports USB. Support operating system such as all Windows, Linux and Mac OS.


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