Sony Announces Special Edition for Heavy Rain

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that the PS3 game Heavy Rain to release in a special issue will be given. Addition, the company confirmed that the game will be extended by at least two DLC packages.

Heavy RainThe special edition of Heavy Rain will appear in a black box containing a 3d-effect rain visible. It provides the download box codes that provide a dynamic user-xmedia Heavy Rain Bar and the soundtrack of the game. Moreover, people with a special edition the first DLC pack free, so reports Euro Gamer. Sony Computer Entertainment has not announced prices for the special edition.

The first downloadable content pack will extend the game with an extended version of the scene that Sony already at the Games Convention 2008, but at E3 and Gamescom this year has shown. This scene is one of the main characters, Madison Paige, on research into the house of a taxidermist for there to be a macabre discovery. This episode will be the release of the game for all owners of the special edition to download, while gamers with a normal version of the game content a little later on payment of the PlayStation Network to download. A second set of downloadable content will follow. It is not known whether more episodes follow afterwards.


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