Mozilla announces next major update for Thunderbird

The last major update of Thunderbird is only a few days old, because Mozilla already announced to the next major update. With Thunderbird 3 tabs were first entry into the mail software, for this reason, a revision of the program interface was necessary. Additionally, the integration into Mac OS X has been improved by now has emails from Thunderbird in the Spotlight search to appear, the Thunderbird from accessing the Mac OS X Address Book feasible and can be imported mailboxes in Mac OS X Mail in Thunderbird .

Thunderbird 3.1 will appear in four months, the release of version is planned for April 2010. The end of January is the release of the first alpha version in late February, the first beta, the release candidate in late March. The changes include updates to the Gecko engine and the improved use of online services like Google Calendar within the browser.


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