Corsair releases firmware with TRIM support for its SSD Drives

a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory
products, today announced that it has released firmware with TRIM
support and a firmware update tool for its award-winning Performance
Series P64, P128 and P256 solid-state drives.

The firmware (revisionVBM19C1Q) and update tool were both developed
by Samsung, and have been rigorously qualified by both Samsung and
Corsair using a large number of test platforms, in conjunction with a
controlled end-user BETA test of the new firmware.

"This new
firmware release for Corsair’s Performance Series SSDs adds support for
the TRIM performance-maintenance command in Microsoft Windows 7,
further enhancing what are already some of the fastest and most
respected SSDs on the market," said Jim Carlton, VP of Marketing for
Corsair. "While other SSD manufacturers have rushed out bug-ridden
firmware and update tools, sometimes with disastrous consequences for
end-users, Corsair refused to jump on the bandwagon. We took the time
to rigorously test and quality our tools, ensuring that our users will
have the best experience possible."

The new firmware and firmware update tool are available immediately from Corsair’s Product Forum.
The new firmware has been specifically designed to add support for the
TRIM command in Windows 7, which enables the operating system to
progressively ‘clean’ previously deleted or ‘invalid’ data from the
drive’s memory cells, automatically maintaining optimal performance
over time. In addition to the end-user firmware update tool for
existing owners, all new Corsair Performance Series solid-state drives
currently have firmware VBM19C1Q pre-loaded by default.


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