Hynix Introduces 40 nm Class 2 Gb GDDR5 DRAM

Hynix Semiconductor Inc., today announced the industry’s first 2Gb
(Gigabit) GDDR5 using its leading-edge 40nm class process technology.

The newly developed GDDR5 is the fastest and highest density graphics
memory available in the market. It operates at 7Gbps (Gigabit per
second) bandwidth and processes up to 28 GB/s (Gigabytes per second)
with a 32-bit I/O. In addition to its fastest speed and highest
density, it is also designed to minimize power consumption with 1.35V
operation voltage. It is an ‘eco-friendly’ device which reduces energy
consumption by 20% over the preceding memory solutions using 50nm class

GDDR, Graphics Double Data Rate, is an ultra high speed Graphics DRAM
that processes graphic data in electronic devices such as personal
computer and game consoles. This product is especially ideal in high
end applications of desk PC and laptop. The demand of Graphics DRAM for
servers and super computers is expected to increase.

Hynix plans to start mass production of 2Gb GDDR5 in the second half of
next year to meet the increasing demand for high performance graphics


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