Grundig Business Systems unveils Digtasonic Mic II

With its Digta SonicMic II dictation microphone, Grundig Business Systems will launch a successor to the Digta Sonic Mic on 21 December. “The Digta SonicMic II is the latest development in our microphone range, a line which enjoys worldwide success. We’ve worked in a number of new and intelligent additional functions for our users", says GBS Managing Director Roland Hollstein.

Cursor speed – speed of choice
One new development is that the Digta SonicMic II’s mouse control now works independently of the regular PC mouse. This feature allows for individual adjustment of SonicMic II’s cursor speed, while the PC mouse remains the same. The user has full control of the running PC application via trackpoint mouse control and mouse buttons.Compared to its predecessor, the Digta SonicMic II is especially distinguished by its low power consumption. “This contributes to the product’s durability”, explains Hollstein. Moreover, the new version’s sound quality is improved, and it’s ideally suited for speech recognition purposes. The Digta SonicMic II is able, for example, to control Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software via mouse control, slide switch and function keys. Thus, it’s not necessary for the user to learn application–control commands such as "Wake up" or "Go to sleep”, or commands to edit an existing text.

The SonicMic II is especially user-friendly, as the dictation microphone’s button assignments can be individually configured and stored. The user has the option to retain the dictation microphone’s settings even when it’s to be used at another workstation – no need for still another configuration.

Ergonomic design
Having already been awarded the prestigious iF product design award for the Digta SonicMic, the manufacturer has opted for a slim design for the Digta SonicMic II as well. “Many customers dictate more than one hour a day without interruption. Therefore, the dictation microphone needs to fit comfortably into either hand”, says Hollstein. Its non-slip soft composite surface and extra wide slide switch make dictation as comfortable as possible.



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