LG announces the world’s thinnest LCD TV

LG will use the upcoming CES in Las Vegas to unveil the TV the world’s thinnest.

The living room consumer electronics CES in Las Vegas, United States, will be like every year the scene of a new record for display. And we not talking about gigantic TV as in previous editions of the ESC (Panasonic in 2006 and Sharp 2007), but rather fine with the demonstration of the LCD TV world’s thinnest.

Accusing 4 kilos on the scales, showing a diagonal of 42 inches (about 107 centimeters), managing a resolution 1 920 x 1 080 pixels (full HD compatible) and announcing a refresh rate of 120Hz (120 frames per second) This new generation TV measuring just 2.6 millimeters thick.

If this reduction in thickness will safely hang the screen wall and a smooth integration into the living room, she will sacrifice the TV tuner and audio system that will not be built and will connect as an ‘outsiders.

It remains to await the presentation to be held from January 7 to 10 next to learn more about the device and its commercialization.


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