The first pnline comparision list of Virtual Worker’s Industry

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) December 19th, 2009: The advent of the internet has caused the emergence of several virtual work marketplaces where buyers and workers (in programming, design, writing, marketing and other disciplines) meet to conduct business. Unfortunately the features and policies of these marketplaces vary widely, causing safety, efficiency and affordability to also vary widely. At the same time, consumers often cannot find the important details necessary to understand the differences, because they are buried under pages of legal fine-print. Too often, ignorance of these details results in an unnecessary loss of time, effort and money.

To solve this problem, Rent A Coder, has compiled the virtual worker industry’s first site comparison lists. These lists document the seven top marketplaces and compares them on their payment models (including details of pay-for-deliverable and pay-for-time), their customer service and other miscellaneous features such as certifications and ratings systems.

"These lists were the result of several weeks of intensive research and compliation," says Ian Ippolito, CEO of Rent a Coder. "After they were finished, even I was surprised to see the vast differences between the marketplaces. These lists are an invaluable tool for consumers looking to be educated on those differences."

Rent a Coder (Rent a Coder) is an online marketplace that connects buyers of custom software, writing, graphic design, marketing and other services with virtual workers. These workers are more able, accountable, and affordable than traditional desk-bound workers. In exchange, they enjoy a life-style that gives them the unique freedom to work wherever and whenever they choose.


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