Camera Lens Care Tips for Picture-Perfect Holidays

Whether you’re shooting video or stills, it’s time to get your camera ready to capture holiday magic moments. Clean off fingerprints and smudges, dirt and cookie crumbs the way professionals do with these camera lens care tips from Clarity Lens Cleaner. "As the camera lens care of choice for professional photographers and videographers all over the country, we know how important it is to protect a lens when you clean it,” says Jodi Groh, Director of Marketing for Nanofilm, maker of Clarity Lens Cleaner and Clarity Clean It™. "You’ll never miss a shot if you follow a few lens care do’s and don’ts.”

  • DON’T ever clean a camera lens with paper products or clothing. Dry paper products can grind dust and paper fibers into a lens, leaving scratches. Used with water, paper products can’t remove oils, hair products or fingerprints.
  • DO gently brush or blow away particles on the lens first. Remove anything that could get ground into the lens while cleaning. Use the edge of your cleaning cloth or towelette, a lens brush, canned air or even a puff of your own breath.
  • DON’T use glass cleaners, household detergents, or household soaps. Camera lenses have anti-reflective or other coatings on them that can be destroyed by harsh chemicals.
  • DO use only professional lens cleaners specially formulated for precision optics.
  • DON’T spray lens cleaner directly on the lens. It can penetrate seals around the lens and leak into the camera body. Instead, spray lens cleaner on a clean micro-fiber or other soft cloth and gently wipe the lens. Or, use a pre-moistened lens cleaner cloth that has just the right amount of cleaner in a clean, soft towelette.
  • DO keep lens care towelettes in your camera case for quick, safe clean-ups.
  • DO wash a micro-fiber cloth regularly, if you use one. They can pick up dirt particles that will scratch the camera lens.
  • DO plan for outdoors. Use an anti-fog treatment to keep your camera lens fog free. A product such as Clarity Defog It anti-fog liquid or towelettes can do the trick.
  • The last word: your owner’s manual. If you have questions or concerns, that’s the ultimate guide to care for your camera.


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