Google Maps API is not integrated in FleetMatics GPS Tracking Software

FleetMatics, a market leader of GPS fleet tracking for commercial fleet vehicles, announced today that the company will expand its strategic partnership with Google Enterprise by introducing the FleetMatics GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution featuring Google Maps API Premier to the Irish small- and medium-sized enterprises market. FleetMatics successfully launched Google Maps API Premier in its software for the US and UK markets earlier this year. This functionality provides fleet vehicle owners unparalleled control in managing their vehicles off-site. FleetMatics’ clients in Ireland will now benefit from the company’s commitment to support and grow its global market share.

“With this new partnership, FleetMatics and Google will provide fleet owners with a faster, more accurate and more comprehensive mapping platform to make intelligent location-based decisions and maximize fleet efficiencies,” said Daniel Chu, Director, Maps API Premier, Google Enterprise. Google Maps functionality, including the ability to visualize real-time asset locations and deliver optimized routing and driving directions, will be seamlessly integrated with the FleetMatics software. The software delivers pertinent vehicle data such as such as speed, idle time and start/stop times. All current FleetMatics clients in Ireland will be automatically upgraded to the FleetMatics GPS solution with Google Maps, which provides a complete real-time, location-based system for optimizing fleet management based on GPS tracking.

With the addition of Google Maps API Premier, fleet owners now have the ability to more accurately track their fleet vehicles anytime, anywhere with in-depth traffic reporting, satellite views, hybrid satellite/street name views, terrain views, powerful zoom features and other features. Hobbs Office Supplies Ltd., a stationery, printing and office furniture supply company located in Kilcoole, Ireland, has used the FleetMatics for several years as a way to tighten operations of their mobile assets and increase their bottom line by 7 percent despite the declining economy. According to James Hobbs, Sales Director for Hobbs Office Supplies, Google Maps will provide additional control of their fleet and further reduce costs.

“FleetMatics has always provided us excellent service and functionality. The addition of Google Maps to the system only further proves their commitment to customers,” said Mr. Hobbs. “With Google Maps, we will be able to get real-time traffic data, which will help improve dispatch times and customer service. FleetMatics continually looks for ways to improve the GPS experience and that’s just one reason why we continue to partner with them.”

"The expansion of Google maps API into the Irish market further illustrates Fleetmatics strong commitment to the success of our global customers," said Jim Travers CEO. “Fleetmatics continues to grow significantly which allows us to increase our investment in our product offering to insure we deliver the best solution in the industry”. The FleetMatics GPS vehicle tracking solution is designed to go beyond traditional fleet tracking and is scaled specifically for Irish small- and medium-sized enterprises. The fleet tracking system is designed with a unique combination of managerial features and enhancements that make this solution very versatile and effective for increasing productivity, as well as lowering fleet costs.


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