Audi A8 signed with NVIDIA Tegra chip to generate Google Earth images

Audi will soon launch the 2011 edition of its premium sedan, the A8. The
flagship of the German manufacturer has often been the first production vehicle
to incorporate technologies hitherto unpublished.

Audi continues this tradition, and A8 (2011) is the first car to have a
multimedia system with GPS Google Earth. This new system comes in the form of a
touchscreen, but what lies "Underhood"Is most
interesting. Audi has focused on NVIDIA Tegra chip to manage its "Multi Media
. The whole can then generate the fly routes in 3D via Google
Earth (it must be careful not to abuse and does not move while watching Street
View on screen instead of the path we have before us.

The technical platform also includes a module GPRS / EDGE to download data, and
a cache of 2 GB (for tunnels?). Audi announced that the system will operate up
to 200 km / h (on the Autobahn only look out!). The manufacturer also agreed to
passengers who can enjoy movies from DVD or MPEG4. The 3G module can also be
used to download information on the albums of the library, find information on
Wikipedia, or display the weather. In more serious in the future, an Audi
technician could make a full diagnosis remotely.


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