Russian way affiliated with Citibank hack

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigates the theft of
several tens of millions of dollars from Citibank. There was some Russian
software used for the attack, according to a report by The Wall Street

The burglary at the major American bank was discovered by mid year the traffic
of Internet addresses used by the Russian Business Network.
The corridor is already a known group linked to malware, viruses, hacking, child
pornography and spam. FBI investigates the case is still under the

It is unknown whether the money is right again. It will not tell
whose money was stolen, but that a program called ‘Black Energy’, designed by a
Russian hacker, one of the funds was used.The program can be used to a
botnet or a large group of computers infected by malware monitor. These attacks
used to be a "target", a website to attack. This year there is a modified
version of the software found online, that specializes in attacking banks and
steal information. This is also used in the robbery of Citibank.

hackers also attacked a body of the U.S. government and other not further
described to target. This is not clear whether the burglary directly or through
third party is successful. 


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