Dr.Web now protects workstation running any operating systems

Doctor Web, "reports on a regular refill kit" Universal ". Now, in a package of anti-virus products to protect small and medium business solutions incorporated to protect workstations running operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Many enterprises today use both computers running different operating systems. Despite the dominance of Windows in the computer equipment office parks, are gaining increasing popularity of alternative operating systems. Thus, traditional design bureaus tend to Mac OS X, and in many IT-companies workstations are often equipped with Linux.

Set of Dr.Web for small and medium businesses now become fully universal. It can help protect not only all the nodes of a corporate network – stations, file servers and mail servers, Internet gateways and mobile devices. Now, in addition to Windows, it includes support for workstations with the installed operating system Mac OS X and Linux. Enterprises that purchase a set of "universal" may, depending on the requirements to use the same license key files to protect one or another OS. A cryptographer, has recently been included in the package, making it impossible to steal confidential information.

Economy-price kit Dr.Web «Universal" will help small businesses (from 5 to 100 PCs) in the financial crisis to make a smooth transition to the licensed software enterprise-class best price.


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