Five Percent Page Yield Industry Standard for Ink and Toner Cartridges

Continuing the never-ending pursuit of printer ink knowledge, Stinkyink has released a research article on the yields of ink cartridges, such an important factor for printing costs, yet insufficiently reported on.

All printer cartridges, be they ink or toner, have their total output measured in 5% coverage pages as an industry standard. Though those in the trade have some understanding of what this means, there are no easy-to-find guides online to explain this measurement to the common public. However now available and easy to find for all – a customer orientated guide to page yield and ink coverage.

Utilising the ISO/IEC 19798:2007, the industry standard 5% coverage A4 page, and specialist software, comprehensive information on the most common fonts and how well they perform for ink coverage has been gathered. By producing test sheets and figures, this report can help readers to not only understand what 5% of a page actually looks like, but to learn what common fonts perform best for saving ink.

Stinkyink researcher, Huw Carrington, said, "This article really helps individuals get an idea of how to save on printing costs at a fundamental level. Even within our offices we were taken by surprise at the difference of ink usage across fonts, let alone the Excel table results."








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