Subversion Submitted to Apache Incubator to become a part of the Apache Software Foundation

The CollabNet-sponsored Subversion project and The Apache Software
Foundation (ASF) announced today that the award-winning Open Source
project has formally submitted itself to the Apache Incubator in order
to become part of the Foundation’s efforts.

The incubation of Subversion is the first step to becoming an ASF
Top-Level Project. The Subversion community will join more than 130
Open Source initiatives overseen by the ASF, and will benefit from the
Foundation’s widely-emulated meritocratic process, stewardship,
outreach, support, and community events.

The Subversion project and Apache Software Foundation have a long and intertwined history: many of the same people founded and continue to actively contribute to both organizations. The communities also work closely together, often utilizing capabilities of their respective products: all of the ASF’s projects use Subversion for source code version control, and Subversion itself relies on many Apache projects such as Apache Portable Runtime (APR) and HTTP Web Server. For nearly a decade, the communities have benefited from open feedback channels, where requirements from the Subversion project have helped drive new features to various Apache projects, and vice versa.

“We are happy to welcome the Subversion development community to the Apache Incubator,” said Justin Erenkrantz, President of The Apache Software Foundation. “Since its inception, the Subversion community has modeled itself using many of the Foundation’s principles, including the Apache license, our voting structure, and building upon a diverse range of contributors. Through organizational, legal, financial, and infrastructure support, the ASF’s proven framework will help the Subversion community to do what it does best: provide valuable software to millions of developers around the globe. It’s a natural fit.”

While Subversion is undergoing incubation at the ASF, CollabNet will continue to host the project. In addition, third party-certified binaries of the software configuration management system will continue to be available from CollabNet, as well as from other vendors, both during and after the incubation period.

“Becoming an Apache incubating project is a terrific move for our growing developer community,” said Subversion Corporation President Hyrum Wright. “We are grateful to CollabNet for their long-standing support over the past ten years, and look forward to continuing to work together as we further expand Subversion as part of the ASF.”

Many companies use Subversion, along with popular Apache projects such as Ant and Maven, as part of their overall application lifecycle management strategy. As the Subversion architecture complements so many Apache projects, it is fitting that the project be stewarded by the same organization and governed under the same processes.

“The Apache Tomcat / Subversion / Apache Maven stack has become the leading code and build management stack for the Java community,” said Bill Portelli, chief executive officer, CollabNet.  “There is a natural synergy between the Subversion project and the ASF, and we anticipate expanded developer contributions and deeper integrations with other Apache projects, benefiting developers worldwide.”


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