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Viaden Media, a company widely recognized in the sphere of online gamble games development has released a new poker game for iPhone, Strip Poker. Strip Poker application has become a unique amalgamation of state-of-the-art technologies and real poker gaming experience, supplemented with dancing beauties videos.

6 variants of the Strip Poker application are currently available for iPhone gamblers. 3 versions with limited functionality and an opportunity to download paid add-ons can be downloaded for FREE. Moreover, anyone can choose one of the 3 paid versions with full functionality and extra girls videos. It is important to highlight the fact that the number of the application downloads has exceeded the figure of 2, 100 per day, which means a success of the Inn app Purchase.

The Free 5 card Draw Poker game is now in the TOP 10 of most popular applications in the Casino Games section. Moreover, paid add-ons of Strip Poker are also downloaded really frequently on a permanent basis. The main advantages of Strip Poker are:

  • True-to-life imitation of a real poker play
  • 8 languages support
  • Real videos
  • Full-scale realization of Appstore technology – Inn app Purchase

According to VP of marketing Viktor Myers: "Strip Poker is the first poker application for iPhone that not only delivers a feeling of a real poker play but also awards every skilled player with a beautiful video. Our solution will surely bring a good portion of real fun to every poker lover and feminine shapes connoisseur."

From the technical side Strip Poker should be described as a reliable, working on the basis of a perfect algorithm solution, built on a new age gaming engine called Viaden RPG5. The technology was created with the aim of enabling poker players gain their best digital poker game experience. It is the first time when iPhone poker application has an almost irreproachable performance algorithm.

While playing Strip Poker, every gambler will have a feeling of competing against a live opponent rather than playing with a robot. Virtual beauties perform their gaming actions as if being real. Almost no difference from an offline game can be found due to different characters of the girls. All of them have different tendencies to four-flush, reveal your bluff, rise, fold, check, etc. What is even more tempting is that the girls were selected and shot especially for the application creating. Not only will the players be impressed by the girls’ looks and behavior, but also they can be sure not to find them anywhere else in the Net.


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