ShowTime released for iPhone by Polar Bear Farm

Polar Bear Farm today announced the release of ShowTime on the iTunes App Store. ShowTime brings video recording to the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G. ShowTime records video at a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels at a frame rate of 6 frames per second; twice that of popular existing video recorders on the App Store. 16-Bit audio is recorded at 22.05kHz sample rate. The video is compressed using Motion JPEG file format, which can be played back on all major computer platforms. Video recordings can be emailed from the phone.

ShowTime was originally developed and released two years ago, and was the first video recorder available for the iPhone. ShowTime was hugely popular in the jailbreak market, quickly becoming one of the most downloaded apps ever. ShowTime gathered over 1 million unique installations during the time it was available. ShowTime was removed from sale in the jailbreak market with the launch of the iTunes App Store, pending approval for sale through iTunes. Sixteen months later it’s been approved for sale, and available for download.


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