Music industry tries to shut Kazaa down

Lawyers for the Music industry are on the attack down under as they try to close the popular P2P software network Kazaa.An Australian federal court was told that the developers of file-swapping technology Kazaa produced the biggest music piracy system ever seen.

News source: TheInquirer Five major record companies are suing Sharman Networks, which develops and distributes the software, for copyright infringement.

Kazaa has 100 million users worldwide, sharing three billion music files a month. The software allows users to swap digital music and other files over the internet.

However, Sharman will argue it has actively encouraged Kazaa users not to infringe copyright and it cannot control what users do with the software.

The trial will last three weeks. Central to the case is the argument that says that Kazaa cannot control what goes on in its servers because it is a distributed network.

A district court in the US has accepted that argument, although it is currently being challenged by the recording industry in the US Supreme Court.


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