Australia’s First Mobile Website Nintendomobile Launched by bwired

launched Nintendo Australia’s first mobile website today, increasing
the global gaming giant’s reach to a rapidly growing mobile audience.
The nintendomobile website is optimised for today’s most popular mobile devices, including iPhones and the Nintendo DSi.  

In line with the shift in mobile device usage from social networking
towards research of and purchasing from organisations; Nintendo
Australia has geared the new mobile site around products, using
bwired’s website management platform, coreDNA, to engage users with an intuitive user interface, targeted content and high speed loading times.
The new mobile website allows users to access the latest range of
consoles, games and accessories, as well as news on events and product
releases anywhere, anytime from their mobile device.

Sam Saltis, Managing Director of bwired, said that as the
information hub for new gaming technology, it was essential that
Nintendo Australia become mobile accessible. “It’s essential for any
organisation that recognises the power of a strong online presence to
consider the growing use of mobile when formulating digital strategy
for 2010 and beyond. To remain competitive, organisations must consider
mobile technology at the onset.”

Kalum Buckland of Nintendo Australia says “With the launch of our
new mobile site, Nintendo Australia’s online presence continues to grow
and evolve through our partnership with bwired. Watching recent trends
in mobile device activity steadily increase we were able to respond
immediately to develop and deliver a mobile website of high quality
that meets our many technical requirements in a short turnaround time.
I am thrilled with the final product and it’s flexibility to expand in
line with growing mobile site demand and consumer expectations”. With further enhancements set to be made to the Nintendo Australia
website and mobile site over the coming months, fans can look forward
to a range of exciting new features in 2010.

bwired recently worked with Nintendo Australia to produce The New SUPER MARIO BROS. Wii Sound Board, part of a cross-promotional campaign to further develop the online community surrounding the nintendo’s
website. The Sound Board allows users to create and record their own
personal Mario voice message by combining pre-recorded Mario words
phrases and sound effects, which can then be saved, emailed to friends
and family and shared on social networks. The viral campaign reached
thousands in the first few hours of going live, and broke all expected
forecasts to become Nintendo Australia’s most successful viral campaign.



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