ibibo releases Sawaal – A question answer based service

Ibibo.com announces Sawaal Ibibo.com is a social networking site. Ibibo which stands for iBuild, iBond, is an Indian social networking site. It is an umbrella site that offers a variety of applications under its social network. Ibibo is funded by the electronic media arm of South African company Naspers , MIH. China based Tencent has expressed interest in a long term capital deal.

Ibibo has implemented lot of modules, and one of them is Sawaal.Sawaal is a platform wherein users can ask questions & get answers instantly online from real people, its one of the best module on Ibibo which creates lot of curiosity to the users and getting various answers from across world.

One of the unique programme that Ibibo has implemented is “Ask the Experts” where expert users in particular category will answer your question to the best of their knowledge.

Asking questions on ibibo Sawaal is a very easy process as you can post questions using ‘Ask live’ using this I can ask question to user who are online at that very moment and get instant answers. I could connect to really good experts using ‘Ask Live’

Ibibo Sawaal is one of the best products on Ibibo.com declared by the Internet users. Ibibo.com has tied up with lot of esteemed clients and one of them is Dr Arora (India’s No.1 Online Sexual Health Consultant)


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