Network Dynamics unveils Siemens Unified Communications Products and Services

Network Dynamics is the leading provider of Unified Communications and
Network Support services. We have been providing telecommunications
support and services to fortune 100 companies for over 15 years. These
enterprise, multi-national companies have trusted the expertise of NDI
because we increase their service levels while cutting costs. In
today’s economy, every penny counts and we know how to maximize any
budget to provide the very best in industry leading technology. Cost of
ownership and return on investment are what our customers are looking
for and we provide just that.

As a Cisco Gold Partner and a Siemens Enterprise Communications Channel
Partner, we are able to provide two of the best names in technology to
increase productivity, service levels and profits. Siemens Unified
Communications Server has made communication easy and affordable. It
works with any existing IP PBX platform allowing you to overlay their
solution in your current infrastructure, unlike most of the proprietary
systems out there. You will keep to keep your current investment while
improving it at the same time.

Our experts can show you how to keep your investment and improve it to
maximize your current network. Better communication means better
customer service to your customer base. Most companies lose customers
simply because they cannot access the right people to get the answers
they need when they need them. Network Dynamics will show you how
Unified Communications can improve your business and gain more
customers with Siemens Unified Communications Server. Voice, Video,
Data, Mobility and much more are available with one solution.


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