ValleySpeak releases project server 3.8

ValleySpeak Inc. announced today the release of version 3.8 of
its Microsoft Project viewer – ValleySpeak Project Server.

ValleySpeak today announced the launch version 3.8 of its flagship Microsoft Project
viewer – ValleySpeak Project Server. ValleySpeak Project Server is a web based
Microsoft Project Viewer which can be used by Project Managers to publish, control
and execute projects in real time, while continuing to make full use of Microsoft
Project 2003 or 2007.

ValleySpeak Project Server as a Microsoft Project Viewer provides 100% 2-way
integration with Microsoft Project 2007 and 2003. While Project Managers can
continue to plan and manage projects using Microsoft Project as usual, Team Members
can now view and submit updates to the project plans in real time, simply by using
any web browser through ValleySpeak Project Server. Apart from being a robust
Microsoft Project Viewer, ValleySpeak Project server also contains built-in Risk
Management, Document Management, Timesheet Management, Calendar Management and
Integrated Project Reporting and all these modules are provided at no extra cost to
the customer.

Features of ValleySpeak Project Server includes:

* Up-to-date project information is available to team members online in real-time.
* Centralized management for issues, timesheet and resources.
* Easy to use, efficient and 90% cheaper alternative to Microsoft Project Server.
* Easy to subscribe hosted service with total data portability [i.e., your data
stays on your desktop and you can move out with your data any time you want]

ValleySpeak Project Server as a Microsoft Project Viewer will be available as an On
Demand as well as an On Site deployment model. While the On Demand model is ideally
suited for small and medium enterprises, the On Site model is suited for companies
who would like to keep their data within their LAN. The On-Site version will have
the exact same features as the hosted version.

The enhancements in this new release include

* New improved Template work flow with ValleySpeak Project server
* Use your own SMTP settings – Admins can now use their own SMTP settings to
control email flow.
* Resource utilization report
* Enhanced Portfolio reporting



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