Lacou online marketing website launched

Lacou is an online marketing and
advertising company based in London.  Today sees the launch of its new
website. This unique online portal specializes in entertainment social
networking services, creative design solutions, online ecommerce, and
technical support all tied together in a portal ripe with advertising
and marketing strategies.

Lacou has been developed to cater to many different and varied
users all around the world.  The online community can attain all their
requirements from ‘one portal’ as Lacou have utilised some of the more
popular facets of the internet today – Entertainment, Technology, News,
Recruitment.  Although the sections of the site may seem somewhat
unrelated to each other, when you dig deeper into the concept of the
site you quickly become aware of just how well each section complements
each other perfectly:

Design Solutions – This section houses a database for Freelancers
(graphic designers, programmers, photographers and SEOs) to promote
themselves for free. The database can then be accessed by companies or
individuals looking for a creative freelancer to take on their
project(s). Lacou also provide off line Advertising and Image
Consultancy for businesses.

Lacou’s PC Clinic provides useful information on technical services
available for home and office users. It contains a large database of
various software downloads available for users to purchase. Similarly
technology based articles, tips, product reviews (linked direct to the
e-commerce Shop) and features are also available throughout this

Lacou’s e-commerce Shop consists of both fashion and electronic
products. This section is entirely based on affiliate programs with
other major brand established companies, allowing Lacou to present the
products to users as an intermediary between the two parties. They also
review products and link it directly to it PC Clinic section.

Lacou’s Entertainment section is an entertainment social networking
utility for users to connect with people with similar interests in
films, music and games. This section also includes showbiz features and
news. Users can create a free profile and upload their pictures and
videos direct to their profile as well as becoming a fan of their
favorite actors, musicians, games, films and music. This section also
contains reviews on films, music, games and events.

Lacou is a forward thinking company with a vision to provide
innovative yet simplified services.  With such a vast range of services
Lacou are able to seamlessly interconnect the online community and
provide the essential elements that drives internet today.

Lacou is an online marketing and advertising company based in
London. Our unique online portal specializes in creative design
solutions, e-commerce, technical support and entertai


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