PDF Studio 6.10 of Qoppa Software made available

Qoppa Software, a leader in PDF tools, has announced the availability of PDF Studio 6.10. PDF Studio is a powerful, easy to use PDF editor that provides a large number of functions on PDF documents at a fraction of the cost of other PDF tools. PDF Studio maintains full compatibility with the PDF Standard and support the latest PDF format. PDF Studio new release is based on a new PDF reader and parser engine (entirely developed by Qoppa Software) which is faster and uses less memory allowing to open bigger PDF documents in less time.

New Features:

  • Manage digital ids and trusted certificates for digital signatures
  • Cloud annotation useful to markup architectural drawings
  • Batch preflight to verify PDF/X compliancy for multiple documents at once
  • Batch crop to crop multiple documents at once and change the margins for crop box, bleed box, trim box or art box
  • Screenshot tool allowing users to select a page area with a lasso and copy the image to the clipboard or export the image to a file
  • Support for barcodes – XFA form fields containing a barcode UI will now be rendered in PDF Studio

This is a major release for PDF Studio, packed with numerous new features and enhancements. PDF Studio is a stable, reliable and cheap alternative to Adobe Acrobat that works on Windows, Mac and Linux. PDF Studio comes in two flavors: PDF Studio Standard at $60 and PDF Studio Pro at $95.


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